Watch “Reading a poem from a candy wrapper” on YouTube

Reading a poem from a candy wrapper:

This is a poem that I found on the back of a chocolate candy wrapper.


Jokes by Alex Sarmiento

This isn’t poetry, but this is my latest piece of writing. I eventually want to bring this to the stage, but it’s going to be hard since there seems to be no active comedy club in Solano County.

Nothing to Say

Words don’t flow or pour
They sputter
They creak
They are intermittent
I can’t explain
No, really – I can’t explain
Like you’d be interested anyway
I have so much to say
In my 5’10” frame
But neither the word smith’s elegance
To show it
Nor the academic’s intelligence
To tell it
Therefore, I have
Nothing to say.

So, I won’t be going to New York City this summer.

After some thought, I have decided that once and for all, crowdfunding is not for me. I just don’t have the goods to get people to financially support my stuff. In effect, my campaign (hosted by Trevolta) to get to the Writer’s Digest Conference this August in New York City is over. Well, not officially. It officially ends on the 10th of July, but let’s face it: unless something miraculous happens between now and then, I can just kiss the dream goodbye.

Get me to the Writer’s Digest Conference in NYC this summer!

The Writer’s Digest Annual Conference is this August in New York City. From now until the 10th of July, I am raising money so I can attend said conference. This is an essential part of my writing journey, and I would be devastated if I did not get the chance to accomplish it. So, visit and help me get to NYC (and perhaps a side-trip to Canada afterwards). Thanks.