“Basic Badness” is out now!


It’s finally here! Thanks to Google Docs, I have completed my very first collection of poetry: “Basic Badness”. I have been wanting to do a collection, but I didn’t have the time nor the money to self-publish – until I decided a few days ago to try it out on Google Docs. After a few days of editing, collecting, and formatting, I am happy to say that “Basic Badness” is now available exclusively through yours truly for $5 USD.

The collection features poems that have been published on this blog, including the most recent one “It’s Not My Fault”, as well as poems that have not been published on this or any blog. At the moment, the collection is available exclusively as a PDF.

To order, please use PayPal. My e-mail address, which you will need for the transaction, is alexsarmiento@hotmail.com. Within 24 hours of receiving your order, I will e-mail you a digital copy of “Basic Badness” (as an attachment), along with a letter of thanks. You may choose to contribute anonymously if you so wish.

If you are outside the United States of America, you may order with your local currency if you wish. They will be converted to US dollars. Here are some exchange rates (as of Sunday, the 5th of June, 2016). You may have to round to the nearest full amount.

Rates courtesy of XE.com. The numbers that follow are how much $5 USD is worth in that particular currency:

  • Australian dollar – 6.82 AUD (You may contribute 7 Australian dollars.)
  • Brazilian real – 17.64 BRL (You may contribute 18 Brazilian reais.)
  • British pound sterling – 3.47 GBP (You may contribute 3 or 4 pounds sterling.)
  • Canadian dollar – 6.48 CAD (You may contribute 6 or 7 Canadian dollars.)
  • Euro – 4.40 EUR (You may contribute either 4 or 5 euros.)
  • Indian rupee – 334.17 INR (You may contribute 300 or 400 rupees.)
  • Japanese yen – 533.84 JPY (You may contribute 500 or 600 yen.)
  • South African rand – 75.58 ZAF (You may contribute 75 or 76 rand.)
  • Swedish krona – 40.74 SEK (You may contribute 41 kronor.)
  • Swiss franc – 4.88 CHF (You may contribute 5 Swiss francs.)

I hope that you have fun reading my first collection of poetry. It is my hope that future collections will follow, as well as my first novel. Thank you for your support!

UPDATE (14th June 2016)

I understand that some people who wish to purchase “Basic Badness” do not have or do not even want a PayPal account. Unfortunately, PayPal is the easiest way for me to access my payments at this time. If you still would like to purchase it, you can use Google Wallet.

Here’s how it works: My Gmail address is alexdssf@gmail.com. If you do have a Gmail address, you automatically have access to Google Wallet and can use a linked credit card, debit card, and/or bank account to pay for your copy. I will of course respond to your payment notification within 24 hours.

If you still don’t have any of the above (PayPal or Gmail), I unfortunately cannot sell you a copy at this time.


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