Paradise on Ice

I skate on an ice cube embedded

In the earth

I jump, spin, glide, and dance

On frozen water

Above me, white flowers exploding

In a sea of azure

Or, clouds in the sky

Around me, a hibernal panorama drenched

With snow and dotted

With maple, fir, and spruce

Nobody is with me

I am with nobody

Perhaps I am an apparition of a kid who drowned

In the liquid one summertime

Or in the ice one wintertide

Or perhaps the apparition of said kid has immersed itself

Into me

And we both now are enjoying ourselves

In the same body

And we, two different molecules, have inherited



Dust in the Wind

I am not dust in the wind

I refuse to be dust

I refuse to be in the wind

I deplore the concept of insignificance

I deplore the concept of being swept away

I am not dust in the wind

I have been walked on

I have been swept away

I have been a nuisance

I have been blown away

But I am not dust in the wind

I am not superhuman

I am not a deity

I am not permanent

I am not a great human being

But I am not, was not, and will never be dust in the wind

For I am matter

For I matter

I matter.