Thoughts As The Sun Sets On Vallejo

Orange is the color of fire

Fire is what the firemen put out

Firemen are the ones whose blazing salaries have helped to make Vallejo a city in flames

The flames of fire do not come from a stray match

But are the results of missed opportunities in the City of Opportunity

WalMart, yes, but no BART

Mare Island is a bare island

Downtown has gone downtown

Six Flags flutter; one is that of surrender

I flee the burning city every weekday

Only to come back and see and smell the smoke

That comes from the raging flames

Of an orange hue

The same hue of the sunset

For the sun has truly set on Vallejo, the City of Missed Opportunities.

I’m numb to the flames and the smoke.

I should be dead by now.


(written in 2008, around the time that the City of Vallejo was declaring bankruptcy)


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